Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joseph's Coat - part 4

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see the lines on the template through the darker fabric using a light box, but I held up the template and fabric to a bright light and I could plainly see the lines. Now I needed a light box. I saw a suggestion on a blog for a light box and now I really wish I could find that blog again because she had some fabulous ideas and I would like to credit her as well as get more ideas, but I forgot to bookmark her blog. But here is what I came up with based on her suggestion:

It works like a charm! The battery operated lights were about $6 and the sheet of plastic (there is a sheet of clear plastic sitting on top of the tray.  You can see the reflection of the ceiling fan light on the left and a bit of my table lamp on the right) was about $4, both at Home Depot. I already had the storage box and I put the lid from a smaller box under the lights to raise them up a little.

This is a shot of the petal placement template through the fabric over the light box!

 Petals placed on backing using light box.

Now, I’m not so great at the whole “random placement” thing on quilts. I like mine to LOOK random, but in reality, the randomness is well planned.

Here’s my quilt all laid out on my design wall. You might notice that not all of the petals have been turned under yet. I wanted to get started stitching, and turning was taking too long, so now I’m turning them as I’m placing them on the background squares. And yes, I’m numbering the squares as I’m taking the petals off the wall and placing them on the background squares so I can get it all back together just right!

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Edna said...

My Joseph's Coat has been on hold a very long time. It's such a great design and I love your portals on the dark purple background. I haven't found any more pictures of this one either here or on Flickr. Have you finished yours?