Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the New Year

Well, this New Year’s Eve is pretty much the exact opposite from last year’s for us. Last year, we left the 1 year old with grandma headed out to the Tempe Block Party to see Jimmy Eat World and do the whole party atmosphere thing. This year, we are hanging out at home with the 2 year old and this little one:


Born Wednesday night :)

I am sure I will inundate the blog with more pictures of this cute little girl later, but I will leave you with just the one for today. Forgive me if I slack off even more from my normal blogginess(or lack thereof) as we all settle into a new routine around here :)


Friday, December 9, 2011

Crazy Busy

Ok, I am slacking again. And I don’t really regret it! I’m 9 months pregnant, and since I last posted, I have had 3 boutiques/craft fairs, helped my mom move, been sick at least twice, finished a bunch of quilts (all for the boutiques), finished a batch of crayon totes (that I still don’t have pictures of, so still haven’t posted in my shop, doh!), and started numerous Christmas gifts. Yeah, you could say I’ve been a little busy :)

Anyways, just a peek at Zoey’s quilt I am making her for Christmas:


I basted this one this morning (with Zoey’s “help”. I love that I don’t have to “hide” her presents yet. Probably last year for that though!) I am backing it in minkee (wish me luck on quilting! Never backed with minkee before!), because I decided since the new baby will have a nice minkee backed blankie that Zoey tried to steal even before it was MADE, it would be a good idea for her to have her own snuggly quilt, too. Added bonus, she really needs some sort of bed covering besides the little blankets she has been using (fine for summer, but now not so much), and that is this one’s destination.

So there ya have it. I also sewed a bit on the baby’s “official” quilt, and on a carseat tent. Hopefully there will be a newborn to USE these things soon, because I am SO DONE. So. Done. But it’s all good :)

Have a fantastic weekend! We are off to pick out a tree this afternoon, and decorate the house tomorrow!