Monday, February 28, 2011

Hugs and Kisses


May I present to you… my latest finish! After making this quilt, I really wanted more on-point fun, so I made this one! It’s amazing how cool such a simple pattern can look! I have to remember that more often…it doesn’t have to be super difficult to be cool!


This was the first quilt I got to quilt on my new machine, and it was HEAVENLY! Rory has a stitch regulator for free motion quilting, so all of my stitches are nice and pretty instead of uneven! To celebrate, I quilted meandering flowers all over. Amazing!


So, of course the top was a few inches too big to fit a width of fabric….As I pondered how to fix that predicament, I thought about the front. What is it? A bunch of X’s! So what did the back need? A big O! Then the quilt wraps you in a big hug! I felt clever :)


Anyways, this one finished up at 46”x46”, and is now in the shop!

Oh and guess what? I am diversifying a bit! There is an item in the shop now that is NOT a quilt! And since it happens to go with this quilt, This is a fantastic time to share!


I have started listing sets of matching burp cloths! So head on over a check it out :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

So Cool!!!!

Ok, I know I said I was going to post another finished project today, but I woke up with a fever and cough and whatnot (AGAIN) and just haven’t had the energy! But, then I got a phone call from my BFF Melanie. Guess who is on UCreate today? Did you guess Mel? Or me? Well either one would have been correct!


Cool enough that I felt better for like a whole five minutes!

So head over and check out Melanie’s super amazing shower curtain, and take a gander at the sidebar and see if you recognize a certain quilt!

And hopefully I will get that finished project up for you guys tomorrow! And hopefully the plague leaves my home sometime SOON!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

It is Friday, and I finally have a finished quilt to show off!! Barely made my “this week” cutoff…but I DID make it!


I know I say this every time I finish a quilt, but I love this one! I’ve been dying to try out this block style since I saw them all over flickr, but I was kind of afraid it would be difficult from the comments on said flickr pictures. But, I figured out how to strip piece them,and I happened to have a little stack of fat quarters that just screamed USE ME, USE ME! By the way, this entire quilt was made from stash. So proud of myself!


At first, I thought about using a bright pink or orange solid, but settled on the lighter pink (Kona Carnation) for a couple reasons: so that the brights would stand out better, and so that the quilt wouldn’t be so bright it hurt your eyes!


I have serious issues photographing orange fabric. For some reason, the entire picture ends up tinted orange. Any suggestions?

Anyways, this is the back. A wavy stripe print from Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern, with strips of a cute little orange flower print. The orange print is also the binding, which frames the front very nicely.


There’s a less orange-washed picture of the backing, and a better shot of the binding :)


This was the last quilt I quilted on my old machine, and of course this one was a little larger than what I’ve done lately(52”x60”), so the next one was much much easier! I quilted all over loopys (my favorite!).

This one is listed in the shop.

Ooh and guess what? I have another finish to show you on Monday! Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Meet Rory, my new favoritest sewing machine!


This is her straight out of that lovely box I posted last Friday. So exciting!

We have had a bit of time to get acquainted over the weekend, and she is definitely amazing! Let’s see…we quilted a doll quilt and a baby quilt (pictures coming soon), made a baby shower gift:


(check out that super cool “accessory wardrobe” back there!)

and here she is hard at work on a brand new quilt top!


Doesn’t she look right at home in my table? And can I just say, hurray for a knee lift! Oh it is glorious! Along with a whole lot of other bells and whistles, of course :)

I plan on Rory and I having lots and lots of adventures together, since she will probably be the last machine I ever own! (Part of how I convinced my hubby that she was a good purchase, tee hee)

And I leave you with this picture of the kid and I, sewing away on a drawstring backpack for one of my adorable nieces whose birthday we celebrated on Sunday! By the way, if I try to sew while Zoey is awake, she insists on sitting on my lap to “help”.


Have a fabulous day! And ps, I do have a quilt almost bound that should be posted by the end of the week, and is it fun!

Friday, February 11, 2011



Look what I just carried in my front door!!!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!!! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!! (ok, random movie quote…)

Now to feed the kid so she will nap so I can OPEN THE BOX!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So, I’m not saying anything about feeling or getting better anymore, because apparently I jinxed myself. I woke up this morning with PINK EYE! Now I can’t touch fabric ALL DAY for fear of spreading this plague!

Off to the doctor in a bit…

Those almost finished projects? Yeah, it’s going to be a bit longer…

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I really have been busy…


I have been very friendly with the couch and sudafed and an entire box of kleenex for the last week, but the plague is slowly being evicted from my house, and I am once again friends with my sewing machine.

Oh, and my rotary cutter has been getting quite the workout!

Hopefully I will have a finish to show….soon.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh yeah…

I almost forgot, here’s my fabric loot from the show last weekend!


I kind of went on a bit of a pink/raspberry spree…I believe a new quilt will soon be designed…

Oh, and you know what those two lovely bundles are? CENTRAL PARK!!! Kate Spain is a freakin’ genius :) Unfortunately, the lovely ladies at Above All Fabrics (love them!) had already sold out of the other two colorways by the time we got there, but I will get them! I will! I actually had plans to order yardage as soon as it came in, but we made an unexpected BIG SCREEN TV purchase Friday afternoon…The joys of having a brother working at an electronics store to alert you to fantastic sales!

Anyways, back to the show. I also got a cool do-hickey to mark seam allowances for half square triangles, and an itty itty bitty screwdriver. I will have to get pictures of that soon!

By the way, I have two quilts almost ready for basting! More on those soon too!