Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictureless Monday

Ok, I saw that I haven’t posted in two weeks, and felt kind of silly.

I DO have some sewing going on around here, but today and tomorrow, it is all about the kid’s Halloween costume! I really want to have it done at least a day or two before it NEEDS to be done, cuz leaving it ‘til the last minute just stresses me out :) It is being interesting though, since my kid is a fairly solid size 2, and the smallest pattern I could get was a 3-4. So far it is working out ok sizing it down a little though, and then she will have some dress up clothes later since it’s still a tad big :)

Oh and I FINALLY got something sewn together for the new baby! It is the most luscious blankie out of minkee and voile. I seriously might steal it for myself :)

Ok, and I will valiantly try to get some quilt pics posted this week too!! Now off to the real job…

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Table Runner

Ok, I am ignoring the fact that I have THREE completed quilts, that I DO have pictures of, to blog, and instead showing off what I just finished!


Ok, bear with my pictures, I have ZERO good lighting in my cave of a house…I promise these look so much better in person!!

So, my awesome friend Melanie came up with this beyond amazing table runner last year, and I have wanted one ever since! Seeing as it is finally Halloween time again, I finally felt justified making one.


THEN I decided that it would be awesome to make a couple of these to sell at my boutique this month (this Saturday now!). So, off I went to get supplies for 2 to sell and at least one more for me. Well, I totally misfigured while standing in the cutting line, and only ended up with enough glittery orange satin for two runners. Yeah, you heard me right, glittery orange satin. It looks so cool. And made it very difficult to photograph.

Soooo, I only have two, which I will attempt to sell on Saturday. However, if one of them happens to not sell, I think I will be totally ok with that so I can keep it for myself and not spend all that time cutting again!! Seriously, I have a bruise on my finger and made my thumb go numb from all the snipping.

If you aren’t near me and want to make yourself one of these awesomely cool runners, check out Melanie’s tutorial. (heck, if you are near me and want to make your own, check it out!). If you ARE near me, and don’t want to bruise your fingers but want one, come find me on Saturday!

And, just because it downloaded from the camera when I sat down to get these pics off, here’s a shot of me and my 27 week prego belly. Ignore the goofy look on my face, I don’t do well for pictures in sunlight :)


Have a fantabulous day!