Thursday, June 28, 2012

Operation Wood Hollow

It has been a busy week around here, and not a whole lot of it has been sewing!

We finally got word that my in-laws closed on the house they are buying (actually, we heard that 2 weeks ago). This is a super big deal for us, because they aren’t actually ready to MOVE to this new house, but wanted to get a good deal before the market shot up too far again. So, they want us to rent it from them for the next couple years while we are in grad school.

EEEEEE!! I get to move into a HOUSE! With room for my kids to run around!!

We don’t really MOVE move for another month, but I already have a stack of boxes packed and ready to go :) I’m a bit excited.

On to my next point. One of my greatest fears is having my house burn down(or apartment…surrounded by smokers…). So, when I linked to this post about Operation Wood Hollow, my heart just ached for all these families who have lost their homes, and all those that might still. I immediately went through a mental inventory of my quilts and decided which one was getting pulled from my shop and sent to someone in need.

I love this quilty-bloggy community that immediately reaches out to those in need. It really is an amazing thing, and I am so glad to be a part of it!

And I am sure Operation Wood Hollow would love more donations if you are interested and able! Julie also has more info in other posts, so if you click to her home page, you can see more.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway happenings!

Hey all! I am guest posting over at The Crafty Cupboard today in honor of Melanie’s ONE MILLION HITS on her blog! She is so awesome!

Along with my guest post, I have a little giveaway, so if you want some fabric and a gadget, head on over :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

What’s cookin’


I’ve been a busy bee around here! 3 quilt tops complete! (Ok, so one has been sitting for more than a year, but I finally have a plan for the back) Now, just to prep some backings!

And I had a stack of fabric that wouldn’t leave me alone, so I have 4 square in square blocks up on the wall, too.

Oh, and did I mention the two quilt patterns in progress?

Now, add that we are moving in about a month! Ummmmm…blogging may be a bit sporadic, but I will try to share some pictures of the HOUSE we are moving into!!! (Still renting, but definitely an upgrade!)

I am SO EXCITED for more sewing space!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Isla’s Quilt

This quilt has finally winged its way across the country and arrived at its new home, so now I can post it!


I made this gorgeous quilt for my old roomie’s new baby girl, Isla. It is a really good thing I like Krystal so much, or this quilt would have so stayed with me!!

My inspiration was this quilt I stumbled upon on Pinterest. (Though, I didn’t realize until I just went to the original source to get the link that it came from a pattern!). I decided that the larger blocks wouldn’t work super well for a baby quilt, and scaled it down to charm square size.


I backed it in a cute print from Bonnie & Camille’s Bliss. Love!


I quilted in an all over meandering flower pattern, and added Isla’s name in the sashing in a corner. I don’t know how well that will come over on other screens…but believe me that there is a name quilted on there!


I really debated over what to bind with, and my husband said the cream sashing fabric would look good. I agreed wholeheartedly that it would look good, but it’s a BABY QUILT. It’s going to get DIRTY. And then I decided that’s what the washing machine is for :)


So, enjoy your new quilt Isla!

Oh, and I love this pattern so much, I have two charm packs of Domestic Bliss sitting ready to be sewn up into it, too. Tee hee

Monday, June 11, 2012


Zoey went and spent the afternoon with her gramma in Saturday, and Jocelyn was very cooperative, so I got a lot done!


I got my custom quilt basted AND quilted! And got my binding prepped, so binding is on the menu for naptime today :)

Loving the bright colors in this quilt!

I also got two piles of fabric cut into two more baby quilts for friends. However, since I don’t know if they read my blog or not…I can’t post those pictures yet!

Tomorrow, I will finally get to post my other recent finish, since it should be arriving in Ithaca today.

Friday, June 8, 2012

I drank the Kool-Aid…


…and while I don’t love all the prints (gasp!), I think I will be going back for just a few more :)

Even better, I have fabrics for THREE quilts pulled, and two of these eyelets are included in those piles!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Custom Quilt in Progress

Working on a fun, colorful baby quilt this week!



Hopefully the girls will cooperate and let me finish sashing this today at naptime!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Pink and Gray

I finally took my machine mastery class in March (only a year after I got my new machine, oops!), and while I was in the class, I got 15% off my purchases. Well, there was a certain fabric that was so close to the end of bolt that it screamed at me until I took it home with me. It helped that as soon as I picked up the bolt, I knew what I wanted the quilt that would be made with said fabric would look like. And thus, this quilt was born!


Of course, I didn’t have either of the pink solids I needed, but a Kona color card and a small online purchase took care of that pretty fast!


After the top was done, I once again let my fingers fly and ordered the backing and binding (from the lovely Hawthorne Threads. Love them! Awesome and fast shipping, and reasonable prices!)


I also decided on what the quilting would be way faster than usual on this quilt (and all by myself! Rare for me!) While I was basting, I grabbed one of my small plates, which happened to be just 1/8” bigger than my finished block size (woo woo!), and traced circles in each block.

When I went to quilt it, first I tried to free motion the circles, but they looked, well…really bad. Out came the seam ripper, and then out came the walking foot! Now the quilting looks fabulous :)


Why are my pregnant friends having boys?

Oh yeah, and Zoey wandered out while I was taking pictures, and insisted that her Lalaloopsy needed a picture too:


She makes me giggle :)

Quilt finished at 40” x 48”. Fabric is It’s A Girl Thing from Michael Miller, and Kona solids Coal, Ash, Bubble Gum, and Baby Pink.

This quilt is now up in my shop.

Soon, I have a super awesome finished quilt to show, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to post it before it gets to the recipient or not :)