Wednesday, September 26, 2012



I recommend NOT laying shelves down on newspaper to paint them with regular latex-based paint. I also definitely recommend not letting said shelves DRY on the newspaper. Well, unless you WANT to sand the dried on newspaper back off and re-paint…

In more successful ventures, I have this:


This quilt is actually put together and basted already, and I have a tutorial for something in the works!

Back to last-minute boutique prep…

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

And Another Herringbone

Ok, you are going to have to pretend the pictures in this post aren’t atrocious. Because seriously, they are beyond bad. I was finally going over to see my friend and her new baby, and the quilt was finally done so I could deliver it, and it was RAINING. And OVERCAST. And DARK. And I was grumpy.


And you get two herringbone quilts in a row! :)

I actually made this cute little baby quilt before the other super-sized herringbone; this one made me want to make the second one!


I had extra pieces from cutting too much, so I pieced another strip, and lined it up on the back so that the quilting would match both the front and the back seams.


Wow, you can’t even tell in this photo, but the main print in the backing is the blue and yellow star-looking print from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane line.

I really enjoyed making this little herringbone quilt. It came together very fast and easy, per Melanie’s tutorial (doesn’t she have awesome tutorials?), though I mostly used it as a guideline instead of a rule, since I am incapable of following any directions exactly…

Oh yeah, and I used this unfinished top for our monthly photo shoot 2 1/2 months ago (still at the old apartment!!):


I have miraculously kept up with Jocelyn’s monthly picture, even if I haven’t posted one on here in forever! I keep using friends in-progress quilt tops (since I don’t have enough for a new one every month myself), and then I have to wait until I get those quilts done and to said friends so they don’t see it beforehand! Tee hee.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Finished Custom Job

I finished this beautiful king-size duvet and pillowcase custom order just before Labor Day Weekend.


My bed is definitely NOT a king….so it’s a bit big :) And I wouldn’t normally put customer work on my bed, but this job was for one of my mom’s friends from work. ps- do you like my amazing gray walls? I should show you a before picture. It was a VERY gold tan…


The fabric was absolutely GORGEOUS, and was super lightweight so it was great for a duvet! I backed the duvet with a sheet though, since the top was actually a last minute fabric change and I thought it was going to be heavier weight. Heavy fabric + duvet insert = a bed covering you never want to MOVE, let alone sleep under! And Target has some super super soft sheets that they sell individually, not as a sheet set, so it was perfect :)

This order also included this awesome quilt:


I KNOW I say this about all the quilts I make, but I L O V E this quilt! It is about 60”x74”. Jen is a little taller than average, and was tired of blankets that would cover either her shoulders or her feet, but not both at the same time if she was stretched out, so she wanted a nice, long throw quilt. And oh is it nice!


I backed it in this navy print from Sweetwater’s Reunion line. Have you felt the softness of that fabric? If you haven’t you should! It is SOOOO SOFT!!! Add in mostly Sweetwater fabrics on the front, and I wanted to keep it. Or make an exact replica for me, either way.


I quilted 1/4” away from the seams so that the chevron would repeat on the back. I also used navy thread in my bobbin so that it would stay subtle.


I also got to hand-deliver this, which was so much fun! It was a neat experience to watch a customer be so excited about and thrilled with something I had created.

And since she said “This is MINE, my husband better keep his mitts off it!”, who knows, I might have to make another soon!

Monday, September 17, 2012

How often does this happen??

I figured out what to do with my small scraps before I even started cutting out the quilt the scraps would come from! Hurray for no teeny scraps languishing in my scrap drawer!


Oh, and the quilt I was really cutting out is up there in the corner :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

I HAVE been busy…

I finished two baby quilts for friends! However, the photos of one are ATROCIOUS, because I had to snap them on a rainy day before I delivered it to my friend with the now 5 week old baby…oops! And it has still been rainy off and on, so I don’t have pics of the second yet(that baby is only ummm….2 months old…oops again!)

So, in the meantime, boutique and craft fair season has arrived, and I have been a busy bee making these:


A nice little selection of awesome business card (or credit card, or ID card, or gift card) holders, per my friend Melanie’s tutorial. She’s so cool :)


I love these little card holders. I use mine that Mel made me ALL the TIME. Right now mine houses a few of my business cards and my birthday money so I don’t get it mixed up with grocery money :)


Seriously. Can’t I keep them all? I have no idea what I would do with 15 more, but they are so cute!! Especially that little gray pennant one…LOVE! And all from scraps! Fantastic!!


I won’t have these on my etsy site, since Melanie sells them as well, and I don’t want to add any more competition, but I will have them at all of my boutiques/craft shows this fall. However, if you see one that tickles your fancy, we could probably arrange something :)

I also have a bunch of new hot/cold corn bags made up(I haven’t ever put those up here, have I? Note to self, write blog post…). A few are in the shop, but I won’t list them all until after the 29th.

I am thinking of whipping up a few flatiron travel sleeves too. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?