Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another completed quilt!!

I finished this custom pink and zebra quilt yesterday and snapped a few pictures. My customer saw this quilt of mine on flickr and asked if I could duplicate it for them.


I had some adventures trying to find the fabrics for the quilt. I was out of the zebra print, but I knew I had seen it recently at my LQS, so I figured, no problem! Yeaaaahhhh…I got there, and it was GONE! Drat! Now, there are a lot of zebra prints out there, but I really like the one from Summer Soiree by Paula Prass. Unfortunately, it’s old. After scouring the interwebs, I found ONE seller that happened to have just the amount I needed! Hurray!


Then, I was looking around for a suitable binding, because I had used a Park Slope print on the original quilt(now long out of print), and while it looked fabulous, I doubted I would be able to find any, at least in quantities I would need…Well, I couldn’t find anything else, and decided to search etsy for some lovely Park Slope(which I still LOVE), and found a seller with NINE yards of this hot pink print. Well, I immediately called my mom to see if she wanted any, and we took a good chunk of that yardage off her hands :)


Ok, now here’s the problem. I ordered the fabric TWO WEEKS ago Monday, and I still haven’t received it. Yesterday I finally realized I had just enough left to bind this quilt and went ahead and finished it with what I had on hand, but I haven’t received my order!

And now I need some opinions. I didn’t receive any notification of shipping or anything (and boo they didn’t combine shipping so I paid WAY MORE than needed to ship 5 yards of fabric), so after a WEEK, I messaged the seller and asked if they had shipped. They replied “shipping tomorrow”(that was the entirety of the reply message). Now it has been another week, so I messaged again asking if they had a tracking number or anything. She said she shipped several days ago and the package should be here. What do I do? I really want to give this shop a negative review, because seriously, I have ordered fabric 4 times either the same day or AFTER, and I have received ALL of it. But, I have a really hard time, as another etsy seller, giving a bad review. Help!!


ANYWAYS, that was my fabric saga. Now this quilt is finished and winging its way to the new owner! It was pretty cool, I got all of the front pink squares out of my scrap drawer, woo woo! The backing is a Michael Miller Quarter Dot in Fuchsia(ordered from Cotton Blossom Farm, AWESOME shop. That one, I would totally recommend, Cathy has fantastic customer service!)

My custom herringbone from my last post is coming along as well, just a slight glitch in my math skills = needed another row pieced in, whoops.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Finished Bricks Quilt

Ok, I can’t believe I spaced out and never posted this finished quilt!

I finished this quilt back in June (!?!?) and sent it off to its new owner.

I based the pattern on the Pezzy Brick Road tutorial on Moda Bake Shop, but I changed pretty much all of the measurements for chunkier bricks, wider frames, and skinnier sashing. Though there is a pezzy print in there!


I ended up really loving this baby quilt. When I first began with the color palette I had some doubts, but as it came together it looked fantastic!


I went the black and white binding route. I love the way it frames mulit-color quilts without emphasizing any one color.


Lizzy House red pearl bracelets made for a gorgeous backing (and a serious itch for every. single. pearl bracelet. color.), and I used a rather large all-over stipple for the quilting.

And now on to my multitude of basted quilts sitting next to my machine!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Excuse the mess

We are redesigning our look, so it might look like a hot mess over here for a day or two!

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Friday of fabulous fabric

Cut and layed out this quilt today


And had this helper


Good times great fun!

Have a fantastic weekend!