Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So it's two days until Christmas, and I don't have anything that needs to be done right now! Sure, the house could use a good vacuuming, but overall it is picked up enough that I don't care. And ALL MY PROJECTS ARE DONE!!! This never happens! The baking is done and cleaned up, all the presents made and wrapped, and most importantly, all the shopping done! Even more, Zoey is napping, so I have a few minutes to just sit and do nothing! I'm debating starting to cut out a new project just for something for my hands to do since I'm feeling a bit bored and slothful! But, then I would have a new project strewn about...
Anyways, I just had to share my astonishment. I am headed over to help my mom finish up her projects after we go to Zoey's other grandma's house this afternoon to decorate cookies to leave out for Santa, so my boredom is probably short-lived. Have a very Merry Christmas all, and be back soon with the projects that couldn't go up yet!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Hurray for pictures uploading!!!
So I still don't have pictures of Zoey's quilt, I am planning on doing that today. And I have another finish done that I can't post about until after Christmas... However, lest ye think I am slacking, check out what I have gotten done!
First up, I finally made my tree skirt!! 3 years in planning and there is finally something besides a red towel wrapped aroud the bottom of our Christmas tree!

I don't know how happy I am with the joins in the banding, because you can TOTALLY see them, especially in this picture (I am NOT a photographer by any means!!!), but overall I love it. The red is a faux silk with embroidered swirlys from Joanns, and the green is also from Joanns, both from the home decorating fabrics area.

Up next is a third stocking! I made mine and Spencer's for our first Christmas together, and happened to have an awesome, just the right size scrap of red fabric from work (custom drapery workroom). When I went to buy the green fabric for the tops, I decided that it should be a banding on a tree skirt too, and got enough for that and (hopefully) enough for any other stockings we will add in years to come. So, I had to get a new pretty red fabric for Zoey's stocking this year!

She gets to match the tree skirt! I had another fabric for the skirt originally; I don't remember why that didn't work out, but I'm glad, because I really like it now! And I have to figure out what to do about getting her name in this thing...It was sitting half finished and driving me crazy while I tried to work that out, and I decided it just had to get done, so she at least HAS a stocking this year, and I will figure out the name thing once the rest of my deadline stuff is done! Probably after Christmas....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dumb Blogger

So why is it when I finally sit down to upload some pictures and get a new post up(because I am completely wired on Mountain Dew and have nothing else I can do at midnight...), blogger won't upload my pictures?!?!? I am annoyed. I will try again, well, I was about to write tomorrow, but who knows if I will get such a chance tomorrow! So, I will try again as soon as I get a chance! New finished projects, coming soon!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deeeeaaaar Santa...

Dear Santa,
My mommy always tells me as long as I still believe in Santa, you will still bring me Christmas presents. I still believe!! So, here is my wish list this year!

I would love some of this...

Or even some of this...

This would be even better!

But THIS is what I really really want!!

So pretty pretty please bring me some pretty pretty things via FQS!!

ps- Merry Christmas Santa!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

There really is more, I promise!

I promise I really do have things to post! I just don't have pictures of it yet....Zoey's string quilt is DONE, and I LOVE it! I am going to try to get some good pictures of it this week and get it posted. I also have another quilt that I basted tonight; it is looking pretty dang cool if I say so myself! On top of that, I got part of a Christmas stocking cut today, and part of a tree skirt, too! I have been so busy that there has been no time to post...Don't give up on me!