Monday, October 24, 2011

Pictureless Monday

Ok, I saw that I haven’t posted in two weeks, and felt kind of silly.

I DO have some sewing going on around here, but today and tomorrow, it is all about the kid’s Halloween costume! I really want to have it done at least a day or two before it NEEDS to be done, cuz leaving it ‘til the last minute just stresses me out :) It is being interesting though, since my kid is a fairly solid size 2, and the smallest pattern I could get was a 3-4. So far it is working out ok sizing it down a little though, and then she will have some dress up clothes later since it’s still a tad big :)

Oh and I FINALLY got something sewn together for the new baby! It is the most luscious blankie out of minkee and voile. I seriously might steal it for myself :)

Ok, and I will valiantly try to get some quilt pics posted this week too!! Now off to the real job…

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