Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Isla’s Quilt

This quilt has finally winged its way across the country and arrived at its new home, so now I can post it!


I made this gorgeous quilt for my old roomie’s new baby girl, Isla. It is a really good thing I like Krystal so much, or this quilt would have so stayed with me!!

My inspiration was this quilt I stumbled upon on Pinterest. (Though, I didn’t realize until I just went to the original source to get the link that it came from a pattern!). I decided that the larger blocks wouldn’t work super well for a baby quilt, and scaled it down to charm square size.


I backed it in a cute print from Bonnie & Camille’s Bliss. Love!


I quilted in an all over meandering flower pattern, and added Isla’s name in the sashing in a corner. I don’t know how well that will come over on other screens…but believe me that there is a name quilted on there!


I really debated over what to bind with, and my husband said the cream sashing fabric would look good. I agreed wholeheartedly that it would look good, but it’s a BABY QUILT. It’s going to get DIRTY. And then I decided that’s what the washing machine is for :)


So, enjoy your new quilt Isla!

Oh, and I love this pattern so much, I have two charm packs of Domestic Bliss sitting ready to be sewn up into it, too. Tee hee


Heather Bailey said...

So Kirsten, you're in Gilbert? Is that right? Crazy. I need to do an event or something up at my office and meet up with local sewing folk. Hm. Maybe a July thing. Thinking out loud here.

Alex said...

Luv this! Awesome design :)