Friday, November 2, 2012

On Quilt Sales (and a finished quilt)

So, I had a craft fair last Saturday. I found myself low on boy quilts, so I decided to throw one together last minute (and I shared a pic of it being basted). Now, truth time. I very rarely end up selling my quilts at the craft fairs I vend at. However, I still have a good time, and I make enough in small item sales that it’s worth it to go. So, I figured I would still have this quilt to list in my etsy shop this week. Imagine my surprise then when a woman decided to buy not just one, but two of my quilts fairly early in the morning last Saturday!
Luckily, I remembered at the last minute to ask if I could grab a picture of the quilt before she left, since I hadn’t taken ANY pictures of the finished thing yet!
She was even kind enough to hold it up for me! I quickly snapped a few photos, so they aren’t amazing, but at least I got something, eh?
And the back. Loved the back of this one! I used up every bit of the harlequin and the giraffe print I had on it, which made me sad, but it looked so good it made up for it :)
And because I am sure you are just dying to see the rest of my booth, here it is:
My cute bunting was a recent addition, and I love it :)

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