Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's done! Asher's quilt

I have finished it! This one has been sitting on the floor of my sewing room aka nursery for like 2 weeks awaiting a label and a run through the washer. This was my first attempt at any sort of wonky block, and I really enjoyed it! The original plan was for 12 blocks, but I decided that was too ambitious, so I went for 9 instead. It finishes at about 50"x50", and the blocks are 12" square.

I pieced the back, another first for me, and I am really happy with it!

I also decided that a little boy's quilt should have something fun and boyish, so there is a car and a truck zooming around the sashing. My ventures into embroidery have been fun!

The car ended up looking a little odd, but it works :)

And Asher's name at the bottom. This was my very first time free motion quilting, and I had a hard time. I don't think I ever really did get the right timing on it, and I had a crying kid through the last part of it...and I definitely need to practice my stippling! If you look at the squares, it looks more like odd ameboa shapes than stippling...I used red thread, and I like the contrast it made on the blue.

Overall, a success! My husband is still baffled that I will put so much time and effort into something just to give it away. But it's really for me! I love the creative outlet, and the chance to try new things, and gifting gives me a great excuse!
Now, on to the next project!

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Melanie said...

I LOVE THIS QUILT. No joke. You are a genius- a car and truck driving around the sashing? What the... awesome.