Thursday, June 10, 2010

I totally scored

As I was *finally* cleaning up (most of) the stacks of fabric that were cluttering up my sewing space, I came across this fabric that I got a month or so ago, and have been meaning to post about!

I took a trip to the LQS closest to my house last month (not my favorite LQS; I am not a fan of ripping fabric. What a waste!), and look at what I found! That's right, I found FULL MOON FOREST. Besides being super hard to find, these fabrics are so cute! Oh, and yeah, they have pretty much an entire bolt of another FMF print, but I was way past my fabric budget, and since there is a ton of it left I decided to go back later.
Anyways, I just wanted to share my good luck with the rest of you. Now time to come up with something to use these fun fabrics in!


Linda said...

Good Morning Tracy, I hopped over to your blog from In Stitches. Such interesting fabric - lovely colors, can't wait to see what wonderful thing you make with it.

Melanie said...

Hi bingo bloggers! It is fun to find your site through someone else's, right? Hee hee! Yeah, I read In Stitches too :)

Susan said...

I've dropped by to say an Aussie hello, from Spring Fever Bingo.

Seeing all the other quilts you've done, I know you'll come up with some very creative ideas to use the Full Moon Forest fabric.

Have fun!!


nicoledemana said...

HI bingo friend the fabric it so nice and the name of it too yes a twilighter can not wait to see what you come up with I love checking out new blogs from start to finish it gets my creative juices flowing lol thanks for the share ttfn Nicole (UK)