Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charcoal Triangles

Ok, I got as far as uploading pictures on this post, and one sentence written, and Zoey somehow hit post! So...this wasn't going to post until tomorrow, but guess it is tonight now!

Anyways, lookie here, I have another finished quilt to show off!

This one was fun to make. I kept seeing similar quilts on flickr, and I decided I had to play too!

The prints are nice and boyish; I was going for a fun, suitably manly, boy quilt :)

I straight line quilted this one, outlining the charcoal triangles. Oh, and the charcoal is Kona Charcoal, which I also ended up using for binding. Nothing else seemed to look good, so I stuck with it and went for subtle :)

I like this backing! I had a few extra squares left from the front, so I decided to feature the adorable silhouette animal prints. (David Walker's Oh Boy fabric for inquiring minds)

Ok, so notice this cute little frog's nice red tongue? While I was piecing the top, I kept seeing that bit of red out of the corner of my eye. I would try to get that darn red thread off the fabric, and was thwarted every time! So maybe I'm a huge dork, and I probably should have learned faster, but I think I did that at least 3 times...tee hee

This one finished up at 44"x52", and will shortly be available in the shop. *Now listed!*

Have a wonderful weekend! I will be off enjoying cake, ice cream, and presents (it's my birthday on Sunday!)


Kelli said...

This is super cute!
Great job, I love the charcoal, I'm thinking that charcoal is going to be my new white ; ) I just started a spiderweb quilt with it and I'm loving it!!!

Judy said...

Great job! Love the colors and the charcoal too. I may have to pick some up to use in one of my next projects :)