Friday, July 30, 2010

While Kirsten's away...

Yesterday was our FAVORITE LQS's annual Christmas in July sale.  Unfortunately, Kirsten couldn't be there.  Fortunately, I was there...with Kirsten's shopping list and money.

Since I think she will see this post before she sees me (and all her pretty fabric) I thought I would just tease her a little...Hey, Kirsten, I have all of this for you! (Oh, and I didn't even spend all of your money!)

Those Amy Butlers are from the clearance section and were 60% off!!!!  Too bad I didn't wait for all those cuts I bought for Kirsten's birthday. Of course, some of the one's I got earlier were all gone by yesterday, so I guess 50% off is better than not getting them at all!

Of course, I also got a bit more fabric for myself, too.  The stack on the left are just because they were pretty and at a VERY good price.  The stack on the right are the beginning of a new quilt!  That's Kona black on the very bottom of that stack.  Too bad fat quarters were all that was left of the orange dots on the top!

In all, it was lots of fun and now my arm hurts from carrying around all those bolts of fabric.  But it would have been more fun with my usual partner in crime!!!

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