Saturday, November 6, 2010

All quiet on the blog front

So, the blog has been pretty quiet lately. Closer to completely silent than quiet, really... But that is because I have been sewing up a storm and haven't taken the time to 1) take pictures of whatever I am working on or 2)uuhh, blog about it. I'm lame, I know.
Besides some awesome halloween costumes (Waldo, as in Where's Waldo, Wenda his girlfriend, and a super cute punk rocker; pictures to come!), I have this whole stack of quilts that need to be photographed:

Yeah, I already admitted I was a lame blogger. I am WAAAAY behind!

And I started this one this week:

Blocks made with my square in square tutorial. I love these blocks, I can't seem to make enough quilts with them! I am participating in a Holiday Boutique on 11/20 (If you are local and want more info, let me know! The coordinator is still looking for vendors, or if you want to shop, I can get you that info too!), so I hope to have this one done by then, but I want it to be on the bigger side, so who knows if that will actually happen!

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