Thursday, November 18, 2010

I hate coming up with post titles

Preparations for the boutique on Saturday(eek, only 2 days away and still much to do!) continue around here. I have added two more finished quilts to the growing stack that I have yet to show off; I just counted and there are SEVEN unphotographed fnished quilts sitting here! Ok, I have my naptime activity today...
Anyways, along with my quilty preparations, my awesome friend Melanie came up with a super fun item for us to make for this boutique. So, off I went on Tuesday to craft! We decided it is way more fun to craft with someone else than all by our lonesome!
Of course, lame blogger that I am, I forgot my camera! Luckily, Mel is much more blog responsible (and has a much better camera!), so she snapped the pictures. And put up a fabulous post! So, I now direct you to visit the Crafty Cupboard to see our fun!

ps- Hurray for no face shots in those pictures since my hair was still wet and I had not a speck of makeup on!

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Beth said...

Those are super cute kirsten! Where is your boutique? I would love to come by!