Monday, February 28, 2011

Hugs and Kisses


May I present to you… my latest finish! After making this quilt, I really wanted more on-point fun, so I made this one! It’s amazing how cool such a simple pattern can look! I have to remember that more often…it doesn’t have to be super difficult to be cool!


This was the first quilt I got to quilt on my new machine, and it was HEAVENLY! Rory has a stitch regulator for free motion quilting, so all of my stitches are nice and pretty instead of uneven! To celebrate, I quilted meandering flowers all over. Amazing!


So, of course the top was a few inches too big to fit a width of fabric….As I pondered how to fix that predicament, I thought about the front. What is it? A bunch of X’s! So what did the back need? A big O! Then the quilt wraps you in a big hug! I felt clever :)


Anyways, this one finished up at 46”x46”, and is now in the shop!

Oh and guess what? I am diversifying a bit! There is an item in the shop now that is NOT a quilt! And since it happens to go with this quilt, This is a fantastic time to share!


I have started listing sets of matching burp cloths! So head on over a check it out :)

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