Monday, January 31, 2011

Krystal’s Baby Quilt

I received word that this quilt has reached its new owner, so I can post it now!


I usually take my quilt pictures inside, so having to battle the little bit of wind that was going was so not cool! Anyways, while at a play group at the park, I got my friend Kristin to assist my efforts to snap a picture before I went to the post office.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any close-up pictures! So, the sashing is two shades of kona; I think it is brown and espresso…I REALLY have to start marking my solids when I buy them! The blue diamonds are mostly prints from Sweetwater’s Pure fabric line, though there are a couple others mixed in, too. The border is a brown with blue pindots, and the binding is a blue and cream pinstripe (both Pure, too).


I had issues with the back of this one…So, I measured the top and the backing, and the back was about an inch too narrow…I added in one blue strip(same fabric as binding), and then went to baste. I baste on my kitchen table, so about 6” was hanging off one side. When I went to move it to put in the last few pins, somehow my backing was TOO SMALL!!! Too small?? I measured it! Why is it too small? I was sooo mad! So, I unpinned all of my basting, cut the backing again and added in another strip. Problem solved!


Can I say I love this quilt and this pattern? I am definitely making this one again and again, in many other colors!

Oh, by the way, I made this quilt for my old roommate, who is due to have her baby in just a couple weeks. So Krystal, you can pop that baby out now! ;)


Jodi-JoJoMia's Place said...

Very cute! Love that blanket. The baby will love it too, I am sure!

Beth said...

I love this design! It reminds me of old diamond pane windows. The colors are great too!

Lese said...

I'm a new Follower, And I fell in love with this quilt. Does it have a pattern name?