Thursday, March 24, 2011

Basting up a storm

So I usually have more than one quilt in progress (right now, 4 that I keep switching between), but I try to have them at different stages. Does that work? Pretty much no.


To prove my point, I basted TWO quilts last Friday, and I have another one on deck for basting! Blegh, time to clean off the table again…


And yes, this one looks very familiar. I had extra blocks :)


Oh, and I was going to post a picture of the whole TWIN SIZED top I just finished, but somehow every single picture I took is blurry. And I’m not pulling it out again until I baste. It is huge. But believe me when I say, it is GORGEOUS! And totally different than both of the above pictures! Oh yeah, and I cut out 6 more crayon totes yesterday, so hopefully those will show up soon!

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