Friday, September 14, 2012

I HAVE been busy…

I finished two baby quilts for friends! However, the photos of one are ATROCIOUS, because I had to snap them on a rainy day before I delivered it to my friend with the now 5 week old baby…oops! And it has still been rainy off and on, so I don’t have pics of the second yet(that baby is only ummm….2 months old…oops again!)

So, in the meantime, boutique and craft fair season has arrived, and I have been a busy bee making these:


A nice little selection of awesome business card (or credit card, or ID card, or gift card) holders, per my friend Melanie’s tutorial. She’s so cool :)


I love these little card holders. I use mine that Mel made me ALL the TIME. Right now mine houses a few of my business cards and my birthday money so I don’t get it mixed up with grocery money :)


Seriously. Can’t I keep them all? I have no idea what I would do with 15 more, but they are so cute!! Especially that little gray pennant one…LOVE! And all from scraps! Fantastic!!


I won’t have these on my etsy site, since Melanie sells them as well, and I don’t want to add any more competition, but I will have them at all of my boutiques/craft shows this fall. However, if you see one that tickles your fancy, we could probably arrange something :)

I also have a bunch of new hot/cold corn bags made up(I haven’t ever put those up here, have I? Note to self, write blog post…). A few are in the shop, but I won’t list them all until after the 29th.

I am thinking of whipping up a few flatiron travel sleeves too. What do you think? Good idea or bad idea?

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