Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drawing Supply Roll-Up (I need a better name...)

My hubby, Spencer, is in a drawing class this semester for his industrial design program, and he had to get a bunch of special pens and pencils and whatnot, so I took the opportunity to flex my creative muscles. It popped in my head when I saw him pull a hobby lobby bag of supplies out of his backpack that he needed something to hold them all! So, voila! Behold the roll-up! I know it's been done, but it was my first :)

Here it is all rolled and cinched. Spencer didn't want ties to hold it together, because he said it would be too "girly," and I had the D rings in the house, so that's what he got.

Rolled out with the flap down

And, open! I put a zipper pocket on the side for his erasers, lead, sharpener, ect. I need to find a better way to install it, because I know I will have to make another one eventually when he wears this one out. I just did a buttonhole opening this time. And I made it big enough for him to add more stuff to it, since I know he's going to accumulate more... I am also hoping (fingers crossed!) that a few of his classmates think having a roll-up for all their crap, er, supplies, is a good idea, and ask him about it and want one for themselves! I love any excuse to purchase fabric!

Here's Spencer holding it up! He was making a funnier face before I grabbed the camera and said I was gonna take a picture. He tamed it down and said something about being on the "interwebs". Silly boy :)



Melanie said...

Hey well that looks manly enough to me. I have some old zippers (bought them from an old lady having a garage sale in UT) that are really small, I wonder if you could sew that into the button hole space?
Isn't posting your creations fun???!!!

Kirsten said...

There is a zipper in it, I want to find a better way to do the opening for it but not a lot to turn under...

Melanie said...

Ah! I get it.