Monday, September 28, 2009

A New Project

Lookie what I started late last night? I wasn't done cutting strips, but I had to start a block just to see how it was going to look :) I am way excited for this quilt. First, I am finally starting my own kid's quilt! Second, many of the fabrics for it are Erin Mcmorris' Park Slope, which I LOVE. Every time I get another coupon for my LQS, I go get another cut of one of them(college student husband and 4 month old budget :)). Someday I will have them all! And then I will have to do something else with them, hee hee. At least I cut the sashing for my Oh Cherry Oh quilt while I was cutting strips last night though. I was procrastinating that...

Finally, I have pictures of a certain FINISHED quilt too, but I can't post them until the recipient has recieved said quilt :) So Mel, it is done!!!

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Melanie said...

HOORAY for Park Slope! Hmmm maybe we should get together this week... :) That is a clever block you did there, did you use a pattern or is that from your half of the brain?