Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh Cherry Oh, Oh my!

Looky what I was about to break into until naptime was suddenly over! More to come on that after a few more naptimes! And guess what I found at my most favoritest LQS? Oh Cherry Oh yardage in the CLEARANCE section! That's right, clearance! So I decided I needed the rest of the 4 bolts that were almost gone. And how much of a discount did I get? 50% maybe? 60 you might think? Nope! Between a sale and end of bolt discount, I got it for 65% off! That's right, SIXTY FIVE PERCENT OFF!!!! I was sooo excited. And I restrained myself from getting other cuts of it, but I don't know how long I will hold out until I have to have what they have left...Mom got 1/2 yard of all of them they had left :)

On another note, I finally finished Zoey's crib bedding! Yes, she is already 3 1/2 months old...But she's not sleeping in her crib yet, so it hasn't been neccesary yet. I have actually had them done for maybe a month, but I hadn't gotten the foam for them yet, so they sat...and sat...But now they are done!!!

Notice the solid sides, no corner posts, and large center section on the back of the crib. Nowhere to tie to! I had to figure out how to construct these so they would stay in place. I ended up making two separate bumpers, each with a long and short section. That way, the long sections with ties would hold up the short sides without. We will see how well they hold up.

Another awesome part of these is that all the green and brown is leftovers from work (custom drapery workroom), and I bought the pink at Joann's like 5 years ago when I found it in the red tag bin for $3 a yard and couldn't pass it up.
The green is the softest velvet you have ever felt. I want to make a throw with it eventually(I have a lot more), because it is sooo dang amazing.

And a shot of the fat quarter stash in the drawer...Who would've thought a crib drawer would make perfect fat quarter storage? My machine is just to the left of the picture.
I need to get more nursery shots, cuz I have some awesome draperies up in there too, but I need to finish a few more things up first. So, coming soon!
Now, maybe I can go test out those bumpers and see if the kid will let me play with fabric...She's sucking on my thumb right now...

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