Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay, so this is not what Kirsten hinted that I should be posting about, but if I wait as long to post about this as I have waited to post about the cutest purse ever that I made and the quilts (yes, plural!) that I have currently in the works, then I would be posting about Halloween stuff around Christmas!

So, I got these 2 black shirts at WalMart for $7 each.

And I got this square of red felt, also at Walmart, for a quarter. (forgot to take a picture before I cut into it.)

And here's what I ended up with!
The second shirt provided the fabric for the extra "legs". I added a bit of stuffing and sewed the legs into the side seams of the shirt. Then I strung the legs at the ends with clear monofilament thread and tied that to fabric loops that I could slip over my wrists so when I moved my arms the legs moved, too. Added this to a pair of black pants and I had a cute costume for cheap and really easy to make. And I had so much fun wearing it to work today!



Melanie said...

Hee hee hee that is cute! Mike got all festive too and wore an orange shirt and black tie. Not quite as cool as the Black Widow. ;)

sewtakeahike said...

that is so cute and creative!