Saturday, December 19, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Hurray for pictures uploading!!!
So I still don't have pictures of Zoey's quilt, I am planning on doing that today. And I have another finish done that I can't post about until after Christmas... However, lest ye think I am slacking, check out what I have gotten done!
First up, I finally made my tree skirt!! 3 years in planning and there is finally something besides a red towel wrapped aroud the bottom of our Christmas tree!

I don't know how happy I am with the joins in the banding, because you can TOTALLY see them, especially in this picture (I am NOT a photographer by any means!!!), but overall I love it. The red is a faux silk with embroidered swirlys from Joanns, and the green is also from Joanns, both from the home decorating fabrics area.

Up next is a third stocking! I made mine and Spencer's for our first Christmas together, and happened to have an awesome, just the right size scrap of red fabric from work (custom drapery workroom). When I went to buy the green fabric for the tops, I decided that it should be a banding on a tree skirt too, and got enough for that and (hopefully) enough for any other stockings we will add in years to come. So, I had to get a new pretty red fabric for Zoey's stocking this year!

She gets to match the tree skirt! I had another fabric for the skirt originally; I don't remember why that didn't work out, but I'm glad, because I really like it now! And I have to figure out what to do about getting her name in this thing...It was sitting half finished and driving me crazy while I tried to work that out, and I decided it just had to get done, so she at least HAS a stocking this year, and I will figure out the name thing once the rest of my deadline stuff is done! Probably after Christmas....


Nelson Family said...

Kirsten, that tree skirt is beautiful. I will I was as talented as you. I am working on putting names on my stockings today, that I hope to finish before Christmas. We will see how they turn out...I have started them 3 years ago. This is the year to finish crafts. :)

Melanie said...

O CRAP I forgot about a FOURTH Stocking. Now I'm really stressing out.

BUT- I did quilt a quilt (?) today. I went with quilting thread and a quilting needle and lucky me, no skipped stitches. Now, binding, and I'm done! And I have two days to do it!