Sunday, December 6, 2009

There really is more, I promise!

I promise I really do have things to post! I just don't have pictures of it yet....Zoey's string quilt is DONE, and I LOVE it! I am going to try to get some good pictures of it this week and get it posted. I also have another quilt that I basted tonight; it is looking pretty dang cool if I say so myself! On top of that, I got part of a Christmas stocking cut today, and part of a tree skirt, too! I have been so busy that there has been no time to post...Don't give up on me!



Melanie said...

whew, I thought someone forgot to invite me to your funeral or something.

I'm working on two quilts, a quilted table runner, and pajama pants. And I'm leaving town in 2 weeks. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I need Hermione's magic hourglass thingy...

Mom said...

I agree - getting pictures is the hardest part of blogging.
Happy Holidays!
PS: I see in your bio you are an AZ quilter, too. I hope you don't mind me recomending Phoenix Quilting Examiner for local quilting news.