Friday, March 19, 2010

An Easter Basket

Check out what I whipped up tonight! It being Zoey's first Easter and all, she needed a super cute basket to put her goodies in! So, tada!

It is pretty simple, and only took me about 3 hours from my first figuring to completion. Amazing what can get done after bedtime!

I made a braided handle (fabric covered 1/2" welt), partly because it's dang cute, and partly so the handle would have some structure and strength.

I brought it out to show Spencer...he grabbed it and this happened...

Apparently this basket can also be used as a stylish hat :) ps ignore the clean clothes on the back of the couch...

specs- 6" finished height, 9"diameter, 15" handle
fabric- Eva by Basic Grey and 1 fabric in handle is Full Moon Forest by Tula Pink
Other stuff- fusible fleece and 1/2" welt


Kirsten and Tracy said...

OMIGOSH!!! I can't believe you got it finished already!!! And it is soooo dang cute (even on Spencer's head)!

Melanie said...

Ummm... HELLO? Are you going to tell me HOW to duplicate this adorableness?