Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Quilt Day

I shared my birthday today with National Quilt Day (as well as the first day of spring, but I share that every year) and this is how I celebrated! (After lunch with my hubby ((he had to work tonight)) and then dessert at Cheesecake factory with some pals.)

A good start on my current project, loosely based on this quilt by Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson.  I used her tutorial and measurements for the blocks, but decided to use one fabric for all the centers and also using the same white print fabric throughout, with 8 different purples. I don't plan to sash this one because the white borders on the alternating blocks gives it all the separation that I want. So far I really like this quilt and it looks much better on my design wall than in this photo, but we have already established that I am not a photographer! This one is going to be a gift and I just have a couple of months to get it done.  More photos to come as I make progress.

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Melanie said...

hey that is really cool, I like it! And... happy belated birthday. Shouldn't I know when it is by now?