Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This stuff doesn't happen in Arizona!!!

So, we had a crazy bad storm yesterday. It was naptime, so I was in sewing and listening to an audiobook. It had been thundering for a while, but then the lights started flickering and I could hear wind and loud rain. So, I went out to look out our balcony. All I could see was the tree right next to our balcony practically bent over, and WHITE. I couldn't see the parking lot(usually VERY visible), I couldn't see ANYTHING but blowing rain and hail!
And then my entire apartment SHOOK.
I'll admit, I kinda freaked out. I like Arizona because I don't have to worry about things like hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes. And I felt like I was in the middle of it all!
Anyways, the craziness lasted another 10 or so minutes, and abruptly cleared. From my balcony I could see 3 fallen trees and lots of branches, so that didn't bode very well. And my street looked and sounded like a rushing river. Cars driving by had water up to the car body. It was insane.
And my little spot wasn't so bad! Zoey and I took a walk this morning to snap pictures of some of the damage around us.

Luckily this tree just decided to rest on the covered parking, and there wasn't a car underneath!

Another uprooted tree. It's leaning on the fence...

This is what our walk was really for. This billboard is about 1/4 mile away from our apartment on the main road. It was straight up and down yesterday morning.

Seriously crazy. That huge piece of metal is TWISTED.

When I drove by this yesterday afternoon on the way to work, the huge tree that caused all of this damage was still on top of those poor cars. The wood chipper was at work this morning!

I feel really bad for our maintenance guys right now...They have so much work ahead of them!

Here's the trunk. It took that whole chunk of ground out with it! (It was a ginormous pine tree)

Walking back, we found another building that met a tree.

And then I rounded the corner to go get our mail, and found ANOTHER huge tree uprooted!

Aaaaand another one!

I could hear the wood chipper working in the back of the complex where we didn't venture, too, so I imagine there was a lot more going on than I saw on my little walk. There are branches littering the ground everywhere. And guess what? It's getting gray outside again. Hope it isn't as bad as yesterday!!

Hopefully I will have sewing related stuff to post soon instead of destruction!

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Melanie said...

Wow, that was a lot worse than out here! A couple small trees look really bent, but that is probably because they are still really flexible...
Glad your apartment didn't topple. All that fabric...

and you of course :)