Monday, October 4, 2010

My table right now

So, remember how I was going to try to slow down a little? Yeah, didn't really happen. Since that post, I have pieced two quilt tops, basted and quilted one of them, and this one is sitting on my table ready for pins. Oh yeah, and I got two more quilt tops planned and cut out this weekend. Slow down, bah! Maybe when I'm dead :)

Anyways, this one started out as a scrap buster project. I've wanted to try out some wonky stars for a while, and my pink and green scraps happily agreed! But...I made 9 and got a little bored... 28" square is a good carseat/stroller/playmat quilt size! Tee hee.
Still have no idea how I am going to quilt this, so it might be a little while until I actually have it finished, but it's been sitting on my kitchen table, and decided it was time to baste and get it off of there!
That's all for now; have a fun Monday!


AzGram said...

I like this one. I love your jazzy non conformist creativity. Guess I just love you. I didn't see it on your kitchen table. G

Anonymous said...

I have to make these! Maybe a good idea for the bundle of Hope Valley I've been waiting to cut into! Thanks for the inspiration!