Monday, April 4, 2011

Yes this looks familiar

It looks familiar because you have already seen it (or its lookalike) before. When I was putting the blocks for this quilt up on the design wall, I realized I had made a few too many blocks. So, instead of working them into the back, I made a couple more blocks and put together another baby quilt for the shop.


Isn’t this photo amazing? Yeah, SO NOT my skills here! I went over to my BFF Melanie’s this week for a photo shoot for my pattern quilt, and took this one along as well to take full advantage of Mel’s skills (and better camera!)


The back looks pretty familiar too….I stuck with the same design, just different fabrics, and went with the green stripe in the middle. Note to self, get better picture of the green in this quilt…

Ooh, and my fun quilting stands out really well on the back. LOVING my new machine! And loving these flowers!


Here was my attempt at an artsy photo. But, between the breeze and the shadows, and the girls , it didn’t work so well…

Anyways, this quilt will be up in the shop if it is still around after the boutique this Saturday. Oh, and speaking of which, if you are local, here is my first plug for a fantastic boutique this Saturday! Corner of Recker and Guadalupe in Gilbert, 9am-2pm, come stop by and say hi! I will be the one with the quilts :) Well, actually I will not be there for the first couple hours, but my wonderful mom(and co-blogger) will be there to Vanna White my stuff! hope to see you there!


ps- I’m so annoyed. I had this entire post written and LiveWriter CLOSED on me…rrrrr….hope I remembered everything I had in it!

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Adele said...

Very very cute! happy to have found your blog!