Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some New Pillows

Well, I did finally get those garden fence blocks put together, but it took two naptimes instead of one :) Now they just need some sashing and I will have another completed top!

I have had fabric sitting in the middle of my sewing area/master bedroom and pillow forms for said pillows in the corner of my room for literally MONTHS to make some couch pillows. So guess what? Today I finally got them figured out, cut out, and made! Woo woo!!!


The light in my house sucks!

Now, part of what makes this so exciting (besides cleaning up a bit of my room!) is that since we have been married, we have had exactly one couch pillow. That my husband and I usually want at the same time. We are not good at sharing. Spencer has been asking for new pillows for years! Oh, and did I mention that our one couch pillow was ZEBRA STRIPE? Yeah, that’s right, left over from my teenage years! Talk about a clash in décor!

The other part that makes this exciting is that all of the fabric was scrap from work, so it didn’t cost me anything! (well, pillow forms, zipper that I already had, and welt that I already had…)

They are technically not done yet, because that front blue piece is just held on my some steam a seam temporary tape, and is already pulling off (helped by the 2 year old!). I need to hand stitch it on, cuz I didn’t want any topstitching. And really, it needs some sort of trim between the two fabrics, so I hope to eventually add some flat tape trim, but they are good enough for now! Oh yeah, and the backs are the same brown with blue swirls as the front borders; didn’t get pictures of those!


And I leave you with a “pillow in action” shot. The kid claimed the pillows before I even had the forms in, and spent most of the afternoon relaxing on them, while she watched Mulan on the laptop. Not the TV, the laptop. She insisted.

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Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love pretty leftover scraps! :)

I have pillow forms but am at a loss as to what to do. I want something a little more modern than the options at my mom's house :) So, the wait continues.