Friday, September 23, 2011


A look at my kitchen table right now:


I really wanted to have this cute little quilt ready for the boutique tomorrow (BOUTIQUE TOMORROW! Recker/Guadalupe in Gilbert 9-2! Come visit me!), but I had no ambition this morning, so I didn’t have it basted and ready to quilt by naptime. Instead, I basted it and am now blogging during naptime :) Sooo productive of me :)

Fabric: Sweetwater’s Pure and Kona Ivory


Katy Cameron said...

I was admiring this line of fabric at a quilt show yesterday, but even though it looks fab, and I love what you've done with it, I had to tell myself quite severely that it really wasn't me, and I had nothing to use it for. Still, I took a leaflet for the shop, and I can maybe shop online later... ;o)

Simone de Klerk said...

Happy I discovered your blog! So much inspiration (o: