Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scrappy Rainbow Quilt- a Finish!

I finally have a finished quilt to show off! I started this thing way back here, and I actually finished this quilt the week I found out I was pregnant (in May), and before I could get pictures, I was laid up on the couch. Anyway, I present to you my scrappy rainbow quilt!


I started making some random 5 1/2” blocks when my string scrap bin (a big red vines container. I’m cool like that!) was stuffed so full I couldn’t get anything else into it. I sorted out all the strings by color and went to town with no plan at all! Well, when I hit purple, my last color and least amount of scraps(had to borrow some from my mom!), I decided I needed SOME sort of a plan…so I started playing. I love the gradient look, so I went with it, and found that I only needed a couple more purple blocks and then I would be done!


Thanks to my awesome husband who let me drag him all around my grandparent’s and take pictures of quilts, he’s awesome :)


Now I have a slight rant about the back…I decided that this gray and white Ta Dot (I believe the color is Stone) would be a PERFECT back, and I had a good size piece of it, but not quite enough. So, off I ran to my LQS where I remembered seeing a bolt, got the bit I needed, and ran back home. To my horror, they were DIFFERENT DYE LOTS! Now, I know this is bound to happen, but I was so annoyed…and I couldn’t get any from the original bolt I purchased from, because I bought the end of bolt! Anyways, I worked it out so that all the dots from one piece were on one side of my scrappy back strip and all the dots from the other piece were on the other side, so it’s not very noticeable (except to me!!).


I quilted a continuous swirl that started a little off-center, (not that you can tell from the above picture, it’s just a cool pic), and started the swirl off with a cute daisy. It was fairly easy since this was a small quilt, but I don’t know that I would do it on anything bigger!


And I finished it off with a black and white pinstripe. I love how it sets off the rest of the colors and frames the rainbow! By the way, I thought it was pretty funny that I blogstalked across my quilt’s close twin while I was laying on the couch sick back in May. Rainbow, striped binding, even the quilting! I guess quilters think alike!!

I have listed this quilt up in the shop. Hurray for something new in there! It was starting to get just a little sparse, what with not sewing for 4 months…but I am definitely back in the groove(mostly), and I am still trying to keep up on my blogging! Yay!

Have a fantabulous day!


AzGram said...

you should do all your photoshoots at ScoutsRest. The rustic fence, windmill, old oak are perfect backgrounds for quilts. Love it & love the rainbow quilt. Granny

Katy Cameron said...

It looks fab, love the graded look. Oh, and love that your gran reads your blog, that's cool too. My 87 year old gran was telling me recently that she wished she had picked up on computers in the 90's when they were offering free pensioners' classes, but thinks she's definitely too old for it now (she has macular degeneration issues now). If only she'd mentioned that a few years ago!

Beth said...

I love this one almost as much as the red and aqua toss up quilt! Beautiful!

Tiffany said...

Wow, that's almost creepy how similar the quilt twin is! This is beautiful and reminds me that I need to get back in my studio and finish sewing up my blocks!

Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

Ooooh, I love yours, too! I like the split rail look with all the different colors. Beautiful!

kendascrafts said...

what a fun use of scraps! i love the quilting!