Thursday, September 22, 2011

Posts two days in a row!

Miraculous! Not only that, but this is another completed quilt!

This is the other quilt that I finished just before I got laid up on the couch with my parasite, thus never posted.


I love this quilt!! I am seriously tempted to keep it for the baby, but I think I’m going to make one specifically for her instead. We will see :)

I used my square in square method for the blocks again. I always seem to go back to that when there’s some color combo that I want to play with but not think about too much. A few blocks and a couple borders, this quilt went together really quick. Then I decided to play around with the quilting a bit.


I made myself a pattern template (out of cardstock!) for a flowery looking thing in each of the blocks, then a squiggle through the green border, and the scroll loops in the outer purple border. It was nice to try something new!


Oh yeah, and this was the other quilt that I dragged my quilt holder all around my grandparents for :)


I started out with my two solids and then pulled prints to match. The solid green is Kona Tarragon (I think! It has been too long!!), and the purple is Kona Eggplant. The back is a super cute paisley flower print from Basic Grey’s Eva line, and I used almost every bit I had for the back! the teeny bit that was left, I used for a set of burp cloths to match the quilt:


In fact, there wasn’t a large enough piece for the burp cloth, so I added a strip of solid to that one :)

The quilt finishes at 34” x 42”.

Both the quilt and the burp cloths are up in the shop (for now!!)

Oh, and time for a plug for my upcoming boutique! For any of you locals, I will be at a boutique this Saturday, the 24th, 9am-2pm at Recker and Guadalupe in Gilbert (right next to Highland High School). Come check it out and say hi to me! I’ll be the one with the quilts :)

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Katy Cameron said...

Pretty, love that pattern and the fabrics