Friday, October 19, 2012

Fabric finds

So there is this store sort of near me called SAS that sells fabric, ribbon, and other sewing shtuff. This store (Salvation Army Surplus) drives me nuts, because it’s a mess. And dirty. And they don’t have a public bathroom (and I have a 3 year old…) And you have to dig through mounds of loose fabric to find anything. And I’m not really a digger. However, after yesterday, I might be a convert:


The mound of fabric was as tall as me (no kidding!) on the table, but I barely had to dig to find all of this treasure! In fact, I ran out of money (and my 9 month old ran out of patience) long before I ran out of fabric!

These pieces range from 1/4 yard up to almost 3 yards. And did I mention it was only 3.99/yd? Yeah, it was only 3.99/yd. SCORE.

About half of this is going to live in my mom’s stash though. I shared the love :)

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BAAMbi7 said...

uh oh...too tempting! I've stayed away from there for a while...but I may need to pop in on the way to the meeting ! At least this way I'll won't stay too long there...but if I don't show up on time...send a search party! lol