Friday, January 29, 2010


Mom and I hit up a quilt/craft show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds today and check out our new stash! We walked around for hours and drooled over all the pretty pretty fabric and quilts, and Zoey (in her stroller) yelled at people that stood in the way in front of us. What a helpful 8 month old! 

We got some awesome bargains on a couple of half yard bundles, and some more amazing deals on yardage form various vendors. However, our favorite was still the wonderful ladies from our favoritest LQS, 35th Ave Sew & Vac. That is where our lovely new Eden (Lila Tueller for Moda) fabric came from. It is amazingly beautiful, and super soft!

Mom's new additions

My lovely new stash

Broke open the half yard bundle, isn't it fun?

Ok, so you have to check this out. The top fabric was from mom's half yard bundle of red and whites. It is EXACTLY 18". The cut on the bottom was from another vendor, and check out the amazingly generous half yard cut she doled out! When we got back we were pretty amazed to compare them! Oh, and the lady we got our nice generous cuts from (I got a cut of fabric from her too) was actually the designer of the fabric mom got! We thought that was fun.
Now we both need to get cracking on some sewing! Poor mom is machine-less for the next 2 weeks while Bernie is at the sewing machine hospital though, so she has lots of time to get some projects cut! Maybe I can get her to post some of her WIPs and finishes that she hasn't blogged yet...  :)



Melanie said...

GAH! What is that half-yard bundle line?
I would classify this need as LIFE-SUSTAINING.

Mom said...

Did you see the Gypsy dolls at the Sew Festival, and the Clay Quilt buttons in Green Building? I've never had so much fun at our Phoenix Fairgrounds. Do a post to tell us what workshops you went to. Thanks! --KP