Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Zoey's Quilt finished and a lot of Park Slope!

I have pictures! And not just one finished quilt, but TWO!! First up, Zoey's string quilt.

It might be slightly out of focus; it was windy outside and a 48"x64" quilt makes a pretty good sail! I love this quilt! I'm glad I made it for my kid, so it can live in my house for the next 18+ years.

Here's the back. The solid is white, and the bit of blue and green were ALL the scraps from the front. I was very pleased at how well I didn't plan my strips! I didn't get a good picture of the binding; it is an orange print with small flowers from the fresh squeezed line by Sandy Gervais. I quilted with loopys all over. I think that has become one of my favorite ways to quilt!

Close up of a bit.

Next up is a quilt I made for two friends, Curtis and Jessie, that got married the day after Christmas. Talk about making a stressful deadline! And it didn't get its label unil the 26th, and I didn't get a picture of that.

This one was inspired by this quilt on Cluck Cluck Sew. I ended up using different dimensions than hers, because I wanted a larger finished size. This one finished at 60"x80", and all the prints are from the Park Slope line by Erin Mcmorris (My favorite!!).

The back. I love the bird prints!

I quilted with wavy vertical lines except for this one corner block, in which there is a turtle.  This takes a little explaining...see, when I got married two and a half years ago, Curtis, the groom to whom this quilt went, got me and Spencer a ginormous (1 foot high-ish...) ceramic turtle from Rocky Point, Mexico. Apparently when he got it, he wanted it to be one of those "you gift it to the next married friend" gifts. Well, unfortunately, Tortuga the Guard Turtle(as we named him!) who resided outside our front door, was STOLEN just 2 short weeks after he came to live with us. Dang dumb people...So, to make up for poor Tortuga's disappearance, I put a turtle of Curtis's very own on their quilt. Hopefully his won't get stolen!!!

Here's a shot of the turtle from the back, where it is a little easier to see. I found a clipart picture, enlarged it, traced it onto the the top, and free motion quilted it on. I am pretty happy with how it turned out! And with the quilt overall, for that matter. It kinda ended up a little "flowery" and "girly", so I felt a little bad for Curtis, but I knew Jessie would love it, so I decided it was ok! And going back to the Mexico part of this story, I have been down to Rocky Point with both Curtis and Jessie (separately and together funny enough!) and now whenever I see this quilt(now only pictures...) I think of Mexico! Aah, Rocky Point, a trip is waaay overdue...

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Melanie said...

WOW. WOWZAS. Those turned out SO fantastic. I am so... wowed.

Oh, BTW, Mike really wants to do something with you guys soon. And I concur. If you aren't busy on Saturday, you should come to my mom's for a birthday bash for Mike and Alisa.