Monday, February 1, 2010

A New Diaper Bag

My work schedule changed starting this week; for the last 6 months, Zoey has gone to work with me, but now she is crawling everywhere, and she is so not satisfied with a pack 'n play (ie she screams when put in it...). So now I am home during the days and can sew all I want during nap time! I have had this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop saved in my favorites for MONTHS, and have had the requisite charm pack and layer cake for even longer, and I finally had a chance to make it!

I did change a few things from the tutorial. I decided I wanted one shoulder strap instead of two, and I put two magnetic clasps in for closure instead of a ribbon tie.

Also, for now I am not putting in a divider. I figure if I decide it would be helpful, I can add it later. Man this thing is HUGE! I transferred everything from my old bag to this one and I still have TONS of space! It's great, because sometimes when we go somewhere I have to pile stuff in, and the old bag just didn't have enough capacity for Zoey's stuff and my stuff :)

I did a double line of stitching along the top for a little bit more stability. I'm pretty hard on bags, so we will see how this one holds up in the long run!

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Jen N said...

Pretty cool diaper bag I know a few sisiter-in-laws that will love it. Good job.