Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another finished quilt!

Hurray, I finally get to show you my charm pack quilt along quilt!

This was a quilt of firsts for me. It was my first quilt-along, my first quilt out of Eva(Though probably not my last!), and the first time I did this kind of quilting!

Usually I try to go minimalistic on my quilting, because I like a nice soft quilt, but this quilt shouted at me to quilt it just like I did! And it looks SO COOL! And surprisingly, it's still pretty soft, so I'm happy :)

I also decided against giving this one away(or selling it!). I haven't kept a quilt in a while, and I decided that I had to keep this one. And it's a good thing too, because Zoey keeps taking it down to sit on!

Alright, this is now my most favoritest quilt back ever! In fact, I have a quilt TOP very similar to this in my head now!

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern happens to match Eva perfectly, and I had this honeycomb laying around that I knew would be awesome for the back, but I only had a yard. Combine that with my leftover dark charms, and some Eva yardage and you get this! Pictures don't even do it justice.

I went with this dark purple for the binding, mostly because I knew it would look awesome framing the back(and the front...), but also because I had it :) And the little dots on the binding are so cute!

The quilt along had borders on the quilt, which would have looked really good, but I decided against adding them. I didn't want or need to make a bigger quilt. When I started on this, I had just finished my ginourmous bed quilts(that I still need to post, eek!), and was soooo done with big quilts! So, this one is 49"x49", and just right for my toddler to toddle around with :)

Whew! Can't believe I finished 3 quilts all right at the same time! It was fun, but now I'm taking it slower again; that burned me out just a little. don't worry, I have something up on the design wall right now(yeah, I made myself a design wall yesterday!), but it is progressing slowly. Maybe I will share tomorrow ;)


Lisa said...

Soooo pretty, love the colors!

Mandy said...

I love it! Great job!

KarrieLyne said...

Everything about your quilt is fabulous!!! I love the line, the layout, the backing and the quilting!!! Great job!! I'm glad you are keeping it :)

Laurel H. said...

Love the quilt, especially the quilt back! (Because, as you can see in my avatar, it is similar to my quilt FRONT of a quilt I made a ways back!)