Monday, February 20, 2012

Brityn’s Quilt

I made this awesomely pink quilt for one of my friends when I found out she was expecting a little girl.
Ok, really I finished it right in time for the shower, and had to take pictures of it last minute that morning while I was out at a craft fair. And the surroundings were ugly. And it was ridiculously bright. Anyways, I knew I still had to have some sort of documentation!
I pulled all sorts of pinks from my scraps and stash, grabbed my favorite zebra stripe (need to get more of that…), and that other super cute black and pink print, and went to work on a disappearing 9 patch. I debated on the sashing, but I’m glad I took the time to add it, because I love the way it looks.
I backed in my favorite little pink dot print that I wish I had an entire bolt of (Bubblegum Basics), and bound in a Mingle dot. Wish I had a bolt of that one too!
I quilted in an all over meandering flower, which turned out pretty cute.
It is really hard to tell from the pictures from the front, but I quilted the baby’s name into the corner.
There’s the back, where you can actually see it :)
I gifted this one back in October.
And now I am down to just one more backlogged quilt! Oh wait, never mind, I just remembered a few more that never made it to the blog…wow…
I will continue backwards later then!

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Stephanie said...

wow, how did you quilt the baby's name? That's amazing!