Friday, February 17, 2012

I know it’s February…

…but I didn’t get my two Christmas quilts blogged, and I want them recorded too! And since it IS February, I will combine the two in one post.

First up is my lovely wonky stars quilt:


I made this from a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake’s Christmas Candy (with quite a few scraps left over!) Originally, every other block was going to be a wonky star. I even had all my center blocks and white blocks cut out for them. But, while I love wonky stars, I get bored with making them rather quickly…so I decided to see how it looked with just what I had made up, and decided it looked pretty cool.


Now I LOVE it! I’m pretty glad that I got tired of making those stars, cuz this looks so much cooler than that would have!


I quilted it with diagonal stripes that mimic a candy cane; the “Christmas Candy” name to the line inspired me :) And the red and white dot in this line is PERFECT! I am kicking myself for not getting more yardage than what I needed for the binding, because while I was binding, I fell in love with it! And by then the shop was out of it. Lame.


See? Awesome dot!


I stayed fairly simple with the back: Kona Kiwi with two fat quarters that I didn’t use in the front pieced in. You can see the quilting pretty well in this shot.

This one finished at 54” x 63”, and is up in my shop here.

Next comes a quilt that I have mixed feelings about. I love how it looks, but it isn’t my favorite purely because this is the quilt I sewed my finger on

IMG_1335 Ok, ignore how I took these pictures with a smear on my lens and didn’t realize it until later…Whoops!

Anyways, this one was 2 Ready, Set, Snow (Me and My Sister Designs) charm packs, white kona, and Ready, Set, Snow yardage.


I free motioned with all-over double loops; I wanted it to be reminiscent of snow flurries. Though, what do I know about snow flurries? I live in the desert!


I love the square print on the back. It kind of inspired the whole quilt idea in the first palace. And once again, I had extra squares, so into the back they went! The solid green is once again Kona Kiwi.


This one finished at 60” x 75”, and is available in my shop here.

Oh yeah, and I had a few more extra squares, so I threw together a table runner too. But I didn’t get this one listed in the shop before Christmas, and figured it probably wouldn’t sell until next Christmas, so it isn’t up for sale yet, but here’s a quick picture:


Happy Friday!

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Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

I'm practicing Christmas music still with my choir (we're recording a CD next week) so I'm still loving the Christmas stuff. Plus, I really like these quilts. LOVELY!