Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Lone Starburst

My first paper piecing venture, besides a string quilt. Success! (Mostly. My center isn’t quite as perfect as I would like, but, it WAS my first try…)


I am having a lot of fun digging though my scraps to put these together (I have started an orange one now!). And while I have a gazillion green scraps, apparently a lot of them are multicolor or very different from each other…

I got the template here at Six White Horses. I found her blog through the link on Fresh Lemons, and let me say, she has some awesome stuff! I am dying to try her wonky chevron tutorial, too.

I have wanted to try out some paper piecing for a while, and I’ve seen some cool stuff, but as soon as I saw this star, I HAD to try it. Like, immediately printed out the template and sat at my sewing machine the first chance my children gave me. So much work, but so much fun! And it’s nice to be doing something a little more creative than the constant chain piecing that I’ve been doing lately.

This will definitely be an ongoing project, since it takes so dang long, but I am slowly going to whittle away at my scraps (probably add more to them than take away in the process, but, whatcha gonna do!) I will try to post my progress :)

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Anne said...

Yours came out fantastic!! I had the SAME reaction when I saw this pattern. Always wanted to try paper piecing, never felt compelled until I saw this pattern and had to try it. :) I have 1/8th of a star done so far. lol Hopefully tomorrow I will have some free time in the evening to do some more!