Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unexpected Break

Yeah, that blogging break wasn’t planned, but between holidays, a first birthday, and a brother getting married, well, life was busy!!

I have lots and lots to share, so how about two of the quilts I gifted way back in October and never shared!

This first one went to a friend for her baby shower (I had the quilt done BEFORE the baby was born!!)


I used Cluck Cluck Sew’s Kaleidoscope pattern. I liked it a lot, and it went together pretty easy, but I think one side of my template got shaved a bit o my pieces didn’t fit together perfectly and I had to trim my blocks down. Nothing I couldn’t fix!

I don’t know what’s up with the lighting in these pictures, but the solid fabric is actually a light pink. I have no idea which one, I stole borrowed it from my mom’s stash.


I quilted 1/4” inside each kaleidoscope pattern, and then made a small square in the center of each one too, since I opted out of the center circles that the pattern calls for.


I took one row of squares off the front and made a block on the back surrounded in some more light pink solid.


I used this pink and red dot from Bonnie and Camille’s Bliss line. I LOVE this dot! I wish I had a bolt of each color, because I feel like I need to hoard it!! It has been so long since I finished this that I don’t remember how big it was or anything! So, on to the next one!

I gifted this one in October, too, but the baby was ummm almost 4 months old then…oops!


This quilt was fast and cute and easy, and it was so fun getting to play with boy fabrics and colors! I have to admit, this quilt(and that big red white and navy herringbone) got me on a bit of a navy kick! My navy stash grew from 1 or 2 prints to ummm….a lot more :)


I attempted quilting flame-like swirls for this quilt. I call it a good learning experience…it doesn’t look great, but once it’s washed and loved a bit, it won’t be too noticeable. I definitely need to practice my free-motion more!! Seriously want a magna doodle…


I used the awesome print from Sweetwater’s Reunion line, plus some extra bricks, for the back. Oh. My. Heck. Reunion is SOOOO SOFT!!!


I love me a red binding! Well, I just love red…


And there are advantages to finishing a baby quilt AFTER the baby is born. I was able to quilt Roman’s name into the border. I love getting to personalize things!


So, there are a couple of my finishes from the end of the year…I still have two more from November, plus a Christmas gift to share. I will try my best to get them posted in the next few days!


Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

I should have bought Reunion when I had the chance. Boo!! SO soft, you are right! I still think you are amazing at lining up your backing with your top.

Nedra said...

They are wonderful Kirsten!