Monday, February 22, 2010

A baby gift

Last Saturday my family had a baby shower for my cousin, who should be in her c-section right now as I type! I decided to go all hand made for her gift and did some toys and a nursing cover. The best part about this gift was I used stash for almost all of it! The only supplies were the soft and silky fabrics for the taggie, a couple new spools of ribbon, and the yardage for the nursing cover. Booyah!

I made a taggie with snuggly fabric on the front and silky on the back. Zoey has one of these that my friend Melanie made, and she LOVES it.

I also did 3 squishy blocks. They are 3" for those of you who are wondering! The blue and red ones have cellophane inside so they crinkle, and the green one has a jingle bell cat toy inside. Why a cat toy you ask? Well, cat toys work awesome because they have the cage around the bell, therefore they will still jingle inside a stuffed block! Oh, and a package of 8 jingle toys was only $2 at Walmart. Now I'm stocked up for more projects!

I got the pattern for this cute little clutch ball here. Super easy, thought a little tedious with all the hand sewing required, but the end product is so worth it! My husband wants me to enlarge the pattern and make a bigger one for him to play with...

Finally, I made a nursing cover. (This was the only picture I could take before my camera battery died, and then I had to leave for the shower...) I was able to take all the things I didn't like about the one I made for myself and fix them! Now I want to make myself a new one, but I really hope to not be nursing long enough to warrant a new one with this kid. I guess it will have to wait until next time! (And that's not any time soon!!) And oh VERNA! I made it out of a fabric from Kate Spain's new GORGEOUS line Verna. I want ALL of them now!! I am trying to finish up some other projects before I break down and stash more.

And I leave you with the adorable Zoey playing with the package of kitty toys. She likes them! I am pretty sure almost all of them are under the couch now...

On a side note, I finished all of my half square triangles! I have started sewing rows together, so I should have 2 quilt tops to show very soon!

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Melanie said...

SUPER cute. Aren't cat toys TOTALLY perfect for those cubes? Love 'em. And Zoey is such a cutie.