Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Non-Fabric Post

Today's craft was actually inspired by my awesome husband. He had this cool idea for 3-D wall art using foam board; I rolled with it, and out popped a super cute kid's room alphabet wall hanging! Partway through I remembered to grab the camera and get some during shots, so here is my progression:

At this point, I had taken 2 foam boards, cut them down to size (started at 20x30, cut down to 20x24), marked my grid (4" squares), cut out some random-ish squares from one board, figured out where those squares were going to go on the top(not pictured above), planned and cut out paper, and planned and cut out letters (Hallejulah for a cricut! Seriously, soooooooo easy with it!!!). There was a lot of prep-type work before I got to actually put things together. Sheesh!
In the first picture, I was wrapping the edges of the cut out squares with the corresponding paper, so there wouldn't be raw edges.

Now the paper and letters on the bottom (uncut) foam board are mod podged down. Starting to look cool, right? I was sooo excited while I was putting this together. And I kept accidentally calling the paper "fabric"... (ps this would also work with fabric!)

Then I wrapped the squares that would become the top layer with paper and stuck on their corresponding letters.

I just folded the paper behind to the back of the block.

I mod podged all of the mid layer paper and letters down next (The white squares are where the top layer letters go). Then a little elmer's glue to stick the layers of foam board together (I was running low on mod podge, and white glue works just as well!) and glued the top layer letters into place, and voila! A way cute wall hanging for my girl's room!

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Melanie said...

wow. so is this like, three layers? those squares you cut out were used as the third layer? I want to see this in person!