Monday, February 8, 2010

Ta Da! This lovely little boy quilt is for some friends from church, whose first baby is due next month! When I found out they were having a boy, I knew I had to get some Animal Party fabric for his quilt, mostly because I was dying for an excuse to purchase some! So on to Etsy I jumped, and found a nice half yard bundle I liked from this shop, and went to work.

Like my 6 way outlet with all the plugs? Zoey found it this week...

I didn't want brown to overpower the whole quilt, and since 3 of my 5 animal party prints were mostly brown, I threw in a couple of prints and a couple solids from my stash. I love a bit of solid in a quilt!

I just love the quilting I settled on for this project. I went with a diagonal crosshatch, with a double line on every other line each direction. I think I will be using it again! I used dark blue thread to quilt with; it was either that or white, and I liked the look of the dark better.

I didn't quilt it very heavily, because I don't really like when the softness of the fabric gets lost in dense quilting. The back is an awesome print from P&B Textiles. It is sooo soft, and I want more of it in every color! I thought about piecing the back, but I felt like it would compete with the front way too much.

Wow apartment carpet is ugly!

I went ahead and machine stitched the binding on. I like my work a lot better on this one than on Zoey's pinwheels, probably because I actually pinned it instead of freehanding it. The folded over fabric was still kind of uneven on the back though, so I need some more practice. I think very careful cutting and stitching on the front is the key to this one. At least it will be nice and durable for many washes and hard use! This one finished at 42" x 53", a good floor quilt.


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Melanie said...

I love that binding! I like solids in quilts too. Hmm, I should try a simple one like this.