Friday, February 5, 2010

Thrift store find and a few sneak peeks

Ok, sometimes blogger baffles me. I have tried to upload this picture twice, and both times it has loaded vertically instead of horizontally! Lame. Anyways, I had to share my amazing Goodwill find from last week. 17, yes SEVENTEEN embroidery hoops, plus half of 4 more(none of the pieces match each other...). And guess how much I spent on them? $6. I know, right? 
Now, I didn't buy these just to buy them (mostly...), I do have a project in mind for them, but turns out the miscellaneous pieces will suffice for my project! So I will still have 17 embroidery hoops sitting in my house...Anyone have any suggestions for fun uses?


Now, just to show you I have been nice any busy around here, I have some sneak peeks for some projects in the works :)

This one is actually done now, but has yet to be photographed.

This one is mom's. Her Bernie is STILL in the shop, so she came over to do a bit of sewing :)

Aaand this ginormous pile of squares is mine...Why did I think half square triangles were a good way to go? More to come.


1 comment:

Melanie said...

SEVENTEEN??? SHEESH! And I'm scouring for like... 5 to frame fabric. Thats it... it is off to Goodwill again tonight. And DI tomorrow. Mebbe.

I love the gerber puffs in the background. :)