Monday, February 15, 2010

A sort of fabric post

So when I was finishing up the ABC board, I realized that I have never gotten around to taking pictures of the rest of Zoey's room. And truthfully, you still only get to see one side of the room, because the other side is thoroughly unattractive!

So, I made the draperies and the rocking chair cushions. Though, now I'm not a huge fan of how the cushions mesh with the rest of the room, so I plan to eventually redo them.

There are definitely perks to working in a professional drapery workroom. One, learning how to make awesome, amazing window treatments. Two, having access to the workroom to make things for myself!

The draperies stay closed pretty much all the time to help control the house temperature (awful apartment windows...), but apparently I took a picture while they were open right after I hung them!

Close up of the bead trim. Drat bad lighting and that flash! The only trim I could find that was the right color (and cute!) came from Hobby Lobby. And only $3/yd, SWEET!

And this lovely trash can usually sits in the corner of the room by the changing table, usually full of dirty diapers...I emptied it for the photo shoot :)

Can you believe this was a $2.00 plain old trash can from Wal Mart? It truly is a marvel what a little mod podge and paper can do!

And here is a project that I started oh, 6 months ago. Eventually the letters will have ribbon to hang them from knobs above the crib that I have but haven't painted the right color yet. When I DO finally finish it, I will definitely post pictures!

So, that's Zoey's room. A work in progress always, but I love it now that my sewing machine is out of there! I have some before and after pictures of that, too that I will post...eventually :)


Emily said...

Hi ladies! I couldn't find your email anywhere so I'm contacting you here. I'd love for you to look for Suns fabric for me. I don't really care what it looks like as long as its 100% cotton fabric. I am making a quilt for my nephew and only need a fat quarter. When you order online you have to order a whole yard. Let me know what you find and if/what you want to trade. Thanks!!! Emily

Melanie said...

Lovely room, but I have said that before. Where did you put your machine? P.S. I think I got the boy chirp because I was the first winner. I don't know!